Tag:Jeff Ulbirch
Posted on: August 11, 2008 3:05 pm

Samurai Warrior Spikes lands in the Bay Area

He!! Yeah... Looks like we will have one of the strongest LB's corp's after the addition of Spikes... Now we have the long arm freak Lawson, DROY Willis, Takeo Spikes next to him and Parys don't f@%k with me Harlson on the oppisite side with Thomas, Bata-Cain, Moore (the 2nd yr guy from NEB) Ulbirch, and that Grant fella... Man thats stout... If the D-Line can mesh well and Smith/Sopangoa/Franklin can stay healthy we should have a way better D then last year which will need since the O looks to be hit or miss yet again... Oh bother... What are we gonna do pooh...? Hahah 49ers are gonna kick some A$$ this year... Whoo-hooo...

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